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Invisalign Diamond Provider vs. Other Providers

Invisalign Diamond Provider vs. Other ProvidersThe need to achieve smile goals without the attention-drawing metal braces is a top priority for most patients. As a result, various orthodontists have invested in Invisalign treatment services. It involves correcting smiles discreetly without the traditional hardware like the metal braces. Instead, it uses customized and comfortable wear aligners that reduce any form of discomfort. With the Invisalign treatment you get to keep eating your favorite foods, stay active in sports, and brush or floss normally.

To achieve the Invisalign treatment benefits, you need a professional to help ensure the success of your treatment. However, like other professions, not all the Invisalign providers are in the same level of expertise. They are thus categorized based on the number of patients handled.

  • Platinum- These providers handle 51 cases per year
  • Platinum Elite- These providers handle 80 issues every year
  • Diamond- These providers handle 151 cases annually.

Once any of these statuses are achieved, the professional must keep handling these numbers every year to keep the rating. Of all the Invisalign providers, the diamond provider is the most preferable option when seeking treatment.

Invisalign Diamond Provider vs. Other Providers

How Invisalign Diamond Providers Vary From Other Providers

With the various providers available, you might be wondering why you should work with a Diamond Invisalign provider for your dental services. While the Invisalign treatment seeks to give you the best aligners, you need a qualified orthodontist to find the best aligners for you based on your challenges and desired results.

Some ways Invisalign Diamond providers vary from the other providers include:

  • Experience- Even though all Invisalign orthodontists and dentists create and administer customized Invisalign solutions, experience counts. It takes years of training and practice to successfully treat more than 150 patients every year. The more experienced you become, the faster you can diagnose and prescribe a customized Invisalign solution.
  • Customer confidence- Patients looking to undergo any type of treatment understand that a provider’s ratings matter, and thus most patients seek the most experienced professional to handle their case. For this reason, most patients prefer the Invisalign Diamond providers. They understand the experience and expertise that comes with the Diamond ratings.
  • State-of-the-art equipment- Invisalign Diamond providers also invest in top tools used for accuracy in patient scans. Other providers may not have access to this quality equipment.
  • Specialized training- While training is not a reserve for the Diamond Invisalign providers, there is more to learn when practicing. The several years of interacting with patients mean they have handled various cases and created solutions for difficult cases. Most Invisalign Diamond providers have also invested in training manuals and research for continued and quality results.
  • Better results- Each factor that sets Invisalign Diamond providers apart from other providers all comes down to better results. When coupling better training with more extensive experience, you are bound to experience more optimal results.

As professionals, all Invisalign providers strive to maintain their status once they achieve each title. That being said, Invisalign Diamond providers are most likely to ensure the best results so that they can not only maintain their title, but also to attract new patients.

We are proud to be an Invisalign Diamond provider, and we welcome any questions you may have about our practice. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact Feather Sound Smiles today.

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