Everything You Need To Know About Invisalign®

There are many great ways to achieve a beautiful smile, from maintaining dental hygiene to teeth whitening and other corrective services.

If your teeth are not properly aligned, these benefits will be in vain – having crowded, gapped and crooked teeth can not only lead to health issues but also hinder you from having your most beautiful and healthy smile. One of the most often used corrective services is teeth straightening, which not only corrects the previously aforementioned issues such as crooked teeth, crowded teeth and large, uncomfortable gaps but also can correct breathing issues, help prevent cavities and ensure you have a pearly white smile.

Why Is Invisalign A Better Choice?

With the world of orthodontics changing so frequently, it is hard to keep up with the best technologies available for your dental care. If you are looking for the most cutting edge innovation to fast track you to the smile you want faster than ever, look to Invisalign.
With up to fifty-percent faster treatment times, and twenty years of clinical research, the aligner is backed by the data and experience of four million cases. Invisalign retainers are made from SmartTrack material and are proven to achieve 75% more predictable tooth movement and are more comfortable, better fitting and easier to incorporate into your everyday life.

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How Invisalign® is different


Smooth plastic surfaces offer a comfort level to the tongue and cheeks unequaled by other forms of straightening.


Gradual pressure on specific teeth with each aligner means less stress and shortened treatment times, in many cases.


We dispense several sets of aligners at once, allowing you to change to a new one at home every two weeks.

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